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Experience fast and flexible loans ranging from $300 to $2000, with the option to cancel without any fees within 48 hours if you're not satisfied. We offer more than just a loan: we provide a dependable partnership to support you at every turn.

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Personalized Loans is not just a lender; we're your financial partner, here to support you in critical moments with a solution that truly stands out in the industry. Experience financial assistance designed for your reality, where your satisfaction is at the heart of our commitments.

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Offering clear financial solutions without any nasty surprises is part of our commitment. All costs and terms of your loan will be clearly explained before the agreement is finalized.


We commit to reviewing and adjusting your repayment plan if your financial circumstances change, ensuring your loan remains manageable and suited to your needs.

Commitment to Responsible Credit

Understanding the importance of responsible credit is key to good financial health. Our product is designed for occasional use, with full repayment expected within a few weeks.

What Sets Us Apart?

Pioneers of Microcredit: First to offer microcredit, we've built our reputation on a deep understanding of our clients' needs. Why look elsewhere when you can benefit from the expertise of those who made fast online loans accessible?

Exceptional Service Beyond the Loan: Nous ne nous contentons pas de vous prêter de l'argent. Notre service client, reconnu pour son excellence, est là pour vous guider, vous écouter et vous comprendre, veillant à ce que votre expérience réponde parfaitement vos attentes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Cancel Without Fees: Unique in our field, we offer the chance to rethink your decision within 48 hours of receiving the loan, without any fees or penalties. This guarantee underscores our confidence in the quality of our service and our commitment to putting your interests first.

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Policy concerning responsible extension of credit

Applications go through an approval process to ensure the applicant has the means to fully reimburse their microcredit. This process may include, among others, verifying that your salary will cover borrow expenses, that you haven’t missed too many payments in the past, and that you don’t have a large number of microcredits already under way. Because of this obligation, we reserve the right to refuse applicants.

Repayment term

Our microcredit repayment terms range from 12 to up to 18 weeks.

Missed payments

Any payment refused by your institution for insufficient funds or another reason will incur a $55 fee

Repayment example

Your $750 microcredit payable in 16 weekly instalments will cost you $72.92 per payment for a total of $1166.73.

This information is given as an example only and takes into account the guaranteed fees to be added to the borrowed capital. The guarantor determines its guaranteed fees at its sole discretion for each application, and the fees are separate from the capital and interest of the lender.

No stains on the credit file

Your loan application will in no way affect your credit score with the credit agencies. Our collection department uses work methods you can rely on. What’s more, if you miss a payment, our collection agents will reach out to you to make additional payment arrangements, at their sole discretion.

Be responsible!

Used responsibly, microcredits may be the right solution for you. However, they have higher interest rates and fees than loans obtained through a local chartered financial institution. This type of service should be used as infrequently as possible or in the case where no other alternative solution, at lower rates of interest, is available to you. Taking out several loans of this nature will burden you with debt and lead to serious financial trouble.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The annual interest rate is 19,99%.


Our microloans range from $300 to a maximum of $2,000.